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how does it work?



SOS button is located in quick access in the bottom panel.

Choose mode: normal or silent.

  • sound recording
  • location data transfer
  • medical data transfer

After the request is received, the operator calls emergency service to the needed location or clarifies information with user

Take care for your SAFETY

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This project is non-commercial and non-profit. Our goal is not to make money, but to make this world at least a slightly better place.

Please, contribute if you can, every dollar will be used to improve our solution add more supported countries all over the world where people can use our software.

Thank you!

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people comunication

Collection of additional information from citizens can improve the efficiency of emergency services: DSNS, MNS, SHMD, DPS (and others).

Save time

Rescue service or law enforcement agencies receive information about the place and details of the accident, shortening reaction time.

Keep your time

Independently of nationality or language, users can send the information to operators by choose of the icon or photo of the event.


The simplified mode is made to transfer the information about emergency situations with the minimum efforts from the use.

User-friendly Icons allow choosing the correct situation without reading the text

Simple and understandable color definition simplifies the interaction

Just one screen for the simplified version. Easy-to-use

After the activation of the simplified mode, you should choose all the needed shortcuts for the situation that could happen to the user and explain what icons should be pushed in what situations.

Attention! Simplified mode is made for personal usage only. Using the application to call for the emergence service for someone else you should use the normal or the text/photo alert in the application.

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The faces of the project

Сергій Дзюпін

Sergey Dziupin

Co-founder and CEO of the company whose competencies in the technical components of modern IT ...

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Роман Лев

Roman Lev

Co-founder of the company with many years of experience in management, negotiation and public speaking ...

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Тетяна Радченко

Tatiana Radchenko

The public activist in the field of protection of human rights of hearing impaired, teacher of Ukrainian sign ...

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Sergey Nasalik

Sergey Nasalik

Mayor of Rogatin since 2015, deputy of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council of the VI Democ ...

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Ігорь Пігарєв

Igor Pigarev

Co-founder of the "Vyklyk 112" NGO. Collaborates with national authorities and international institutions ...

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Igor Matviychuk

Mayor of Kalush since 2015, Member of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council ....

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More than +3000 registered users of the application. The call works in 18 cities of Ukraine and the geography expands on a monthly basis.





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