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How can I sign up for an app?

To register, you only need to enter basic information such as your name and phone number, and enter the code you received in sms.

After that, you can use the application, but it is highly recommended that you also enter detailed information about your features and illnesses for more efficient emergency services.


How do I notify a trustee of an emergency call?

Yes, you can. To do this, go to the profile settings and next to the contacts of the trusted person – check the alert for emergency information. Whenever an emergency call is made, basic information will come to the trustee via sms.


When will the iOS app be?

We are already working on this, and we expect to introduce an iOS version of the app in the spring.


When will the app work across Ukraine?

It depends on the civil servants. The more people distribute information about the app, the faster the process will accelerate.


How does the user understand that the call was received by the dispatcher?

As soon as the call is made, the user is notified that the call has been sent. If an error occurs in the process, you will be immediately alerted.


How can a dispatcher know that a person with a physical disability (can't hear, for example)?

If detailed information is entered in the profile, the dispatcher will find out about it at the moment of processing the call and will be able to make corrections according to the peculiarities of each person.


What is Quiet Mode?

Quiet mode assumes no two-way interaction with the operator. When silent mode is activated, the phone records the ambient noise and transmits it with other information, and the operator already makes a decision about the situation based on the listener.


How will the dispatcher see that I am in a different place than when I checked in?

So. Like your other profile details, your location is sent to the dispatcher at the time of the emergency call.


Why can't I send multiple requests at once?

Protecting the system from sending multiple hits is simultaneously aimed at minimizing accidental or false hits. Recall that false calls are prohibited by law and are punishable by Articles 183, 184 and 259 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


Why doesn't the call go unless I have allowed geolocation?

Without identifying your geolocation, there is no basic background information to handle your call, so without the permission of the application content is lost and it will not work.


How can I request if there is no internet connection?

Lack of internet is not a critical problem at the moment. If there is at least a weak connection with the operator, the application will send all the necessary information via SMS notification.


What is Simplified Mode and How to Use It?

Simplified mode allows you to make a specific emergency call, passing at once its type. To do this, you need to select in the settings the types of treatment that may be most relevant to the person, and the circumstances that require processing to select and click on the icon for three seconds depicting the appropriate situation.


Why does the app sound like a free but requires an activation key?

Because the application runs in test mode, to reduce the load on unprepared emergency services, we have introduced an activation key that allows you to maximize the target audience. If you are a member of UTOG or UTOS, you can get the key by contacting them for free.

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